Meet The Designer

Attention to detail &meticulous hand craftsmanship embody Susie's style. Officially launched in 2016, Susie had been already creating jewellery & accessories for herself, friends and family since she was tiny, and following her professional career it seemed natural to launch her own label, designing & making pieces she loved. Susie always laughs that her destiny was decided at 8 years old, when she announced to her slightly concerned parents that she was going to be a fashion designer. Formal training as a jeweller led to an MA in Silversmithing & Jewellery which gave her an enduring love of traditional craftsmanship, and was followed by a professional career as a fashion jewellery designer, where she specialised in jewellery design and trend forecasting, working with an array of inspirational high profile brands. Her professional career continues to strongly influence her own design process and Susie creates inspiration boards illustrating her intended looks for the season, quickly followed by page upon page of doodles, sketches and final designs, which are edited and then fashioned into production samples.

“I'm so lucky. I love what I do, and I just adore creating beautiful things. But I really love making brides happy. That's my real inspiration”